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Hi, I’m Dr. Rose Hall, and if you didn't know—I'm a tea lover. I created Tessie’s Tea as a company that would pay homage to the wisdom passed down to me from my mother, Tessie. You see, Tessie’s Teas first started as a seed planted in my mind as a young girl.

Being raised in Jamaica, I grew up steeped in the centuries-old, Caribbean tradition of tea drinking.

I remember warm summer afternoons walking through the garden with my Mom, Tessie, and my grandmother picking mint leaves and ginger root. I’d smell the strong, spicy scent of the ginger root and the cool bit of mint on my hands as we’d work our way back inside.

Inside that home, I’d watch three generations of women brew their afternoon: my Mom, my grandmother, and my great grandmother.

It didn’t seem like much to me at the time but I watched my great grandparents and grandparents live productive lives well into their 90s and up passed 100 drinking fresh, natural tea daily. That kind of longevity doesn’t come by accident.

And it’s no surprise! Whenever I would get sick, no matter what it was—I could’ve had a stomach ache or gotten a cold, my Mom Tessie would pop up with a tea just for that.

There wasn’t anything wrong that she couldn’t find a tea to handle. When I got married I definitely bothered my husband Tim with that philosophy because if something is wrong with him, I always say “There’s a tea for that!”

Over the years, he learned just like I did from those women that you can never argue with the results of natural tea for healthy living.

So when I followed my husband to Dubai and finally retired from my 20-year career as a mental health therapist and social worker, I needed to find some fulfilling work that would mix my deep passion with my life’s mission to serve. 


When I looked back on my life I realized the impact tea drinking had on my physical and mental wellbeing along with my patients. So I decided that I would create something that shared that tradition and allowed people around the globe to indulge in truly, all-natural teas that they could trust.

So I began my quest to find the highest quality teas that met the standards of a life-long tea lover.

On my journey, I traveled to over 10 countries sourcing tea and gaining an understanding of the tea business.

I trekked the mountains in India, sipped the finest tea in Thailand, and even met the inventor of Bubble Tea in China(but that’s a story for another day).

I consulted with many different growers and manufacturers across the globe, tweaking the formula until I found the perfect partner that made the tea blend that I thought was worthy of Tessie’s name.

From that day, Tessie’s Teas has provided quality tea and education to individuals interested in learning the benefits of incorporating herbs, roots, and spices into their daily diets. 

Now we provide our two flagship all-natural teas with no additives, no preservatives, and no caffeine. 

Our two featured teas are a throwback to Caribbean tradition, Ginger Rolled in honey and Mint-infused with raw, unprocessed cane sugar.  

Our teas are uniquely created to give you the strongest cup of natural tea. We take our all-natural ingredients and crystallize them in honey or raw cane sugar. The process freeze-dries the ingredients to lock in their freshness and preserve their robust flavor and nutrients.

Since the process freeze-dries the ingredients, our teas are instant! Just add hot water and you’ve got a cup of tea going.

Because of our crystallization process, our teas don’t require any steeping time. So say goodbye to the messy tea bags and long wait times with loose leaf tea.  Have a hot cup of tea ready in seconds.

We wanted to make our teas convenient, easy to prepare, and great for our busy customers on the go while maintaining great quality. The tradition of Tea has brought healthy living to my family, so Tessie’s Teas is here to bring healthy living to yours. 

Try your first cup of Tessie’s Tea. We believe our teas speak for themselves. 

Click here to check out our two flagship botanical teas here.

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